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3 Popular Menstruation Myths We Need to Debunk Right Away

Listen up ladies 

We’ve been hearing a lot of misconceptions about menstruation cycles and norms on how to behave during ‘that time of the month’. Some of these period myths have strange origins while the rest of them are pretty bizarre. 

Like the fact that your tampon can disappear in your vagina (nope!).

To stop the madness, we delved deep into the mystery of menstruation. Our research revealed the truth behind the fabricated facts our mamas preach when we get our first period.

Hold your breath for the expose of the century. 

Let's debunk some myths

Myth #1: PMS Is Fake News…

Haven’t we all heard this one?

Men would like to believe that PMS is just a code word for feeling ‘moody’ on a rough day. This is far from the truth, the premenstrual syndrome does exist and some women suffer more than others. They are our body’s way to warn us about our upcoming period. 

So if whenever you see noticeable symptoms like irritability, migraines, tender breasts, and stomach aches you shouldn’t get worried. It’s perfectly normal to feel these things and also take a breather when the symptoms worsen.

Myth #2: Sex Is Safe During Your Period

Some of the greatest myths regarding menstruation centre around sex on your period, with the most widespread being that you cannot get pregnant while menstruating.

The fact is that you can definitely get pregnant if you have unprotected sex on your period.

However, there are some factors that you need to consider. While it is true that, in many individuals, that menstruation is the time that you are least fertile, it really depends on the length of your monthly cycles.

Peak fertility occurs during the ovulation stage — which usually kicks in approximately 12 to 16 days before the start of your next period — when the ovaries produce fresh ovules (eggs).

Now, most menstrual cycles last about 28 days but some cycles can be as short as 21 days, which will impact when ovulation takes place. Most importantly though, sperm can live inside the genital tract for up to 5 days or, according to some sources, even 7 days.

So, having unprotected vaginal sex during your period could mean that the sperm gets to linger for just long enough to coincide with ovulation and fertilise an egg, resulting in pregnancy.

Still, if you take all necessary precautions there is no reason not to enjoy sex during your period.  To the contrary, in fact, sex can help relieve cramps and improve your mood.

Myth #3: You Shouldn’t Bath During Those Days

Raise your hand if you believe this.

We were guilty of this too, but we soon found out how wrong this is. Not only is this practice unhygienic, but we’re also encouraging rumours that say period blood is smelly. 

The truth is, you shouldn’t skip baths or showers during those days.

In fact, indulging in a nice bath will actually be relaxing. Plus, it will wash away any germs and dirt that’s clinging to your body during the day.

What about the funky smell? Science reveals that period blood is almost odourless. What we usually smell is the result of bacteria and blood mixing - something that taking a bath or shower will actually help.

Another way to keep odour at bay is by taking care of hygiene and opting for breathable reusable sanitary pads. Anytime has made sure that our menstruation supplies eliminate odours, combat uncleanliness, and offer comfort. So that you are set at ease whenever you step out!

The Real Deal 

Long story short, most period myths aren’t true. They are mostly assumptions that have been passed down by generations of women who were unaware of the science behind our menstrual cycles. Don’t follow their footsteps and start spreading the word to set the record straight.

Want to know more about menstruation? Anytime Co. is ready to answer your burning questions!