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"While growing up, I, unfortunately, only had the option of using tampons or pads." That is not the case today.

Reusable period products are gaining recognition in many communities because people are learning about all the ways they can benefit you and the environment. 

An average woman uses around 16,800 disposable pads and tampons during her life. 

Isn’t it better to use just one reusable pad for a long time instead of using several disposables and adding to plastic waste?

Here are a few reasons why you should switch to reusable period products today.

Safer and Healthier

Disposable pads are usually made of plastics, cotton and synthetic fibers, which are not safe for your body. Cotton is grown using pesticides and herbicides, which is why it is one of the most toxic crops. These materials are also bleached with chlorine, which not only ends up polluting the environment but also stays in the human body for decades. If you’re going through allergic reactions and hormone disruptions – try switching to reusable sanitary pads and see the difference yourself. 

More Sanitary

The manufacturing, transportation, and displaying process that disposable tampons and pads take is definitely not sterile. Menstrual products are things you expose to the most sensitive part of your body and you should not leave it to chance that the pad you are wearing in hygienic. You never know the path that pad you are putting on took to get to your hands from the moment production began.

This is unlikely with reusable menstrual products where you get to be 100% sure and satisfied with the level of hygiene as it is up to you to set the standards of how clean you want your pad to be. You get to wash it as often and as thoroughly as you deem fit. This luxury is not an option when using disposable pads and tampons.

Reduce Menstrual Cramps and Infections

If you suffer from extreme menstrual cramps before and during your period, try switching to more organic products like cloth padspanties or menstrual cups. Disposable pads contain plastics, which can block the airflow to your vagina, which can lead to a rash and other health issues.

Disposable pads and tampons also have synthetic fibers, which are great at absorbing blood, but they can also absorb all the moisture from your vagina. This can increase your chances of getting cramps.  Not only that, wearing a disposable pad or tampon all week can increase your chances of getting an infection. 

Lower Risk of Vaginal Health Issues

The materials used in the manufacture of disposable pads and tampons include plastics and synthetic fiber which are harmful to the vagina. 

Some women are also sensitive to the bleaching agents used in the production of disposable pads and tampons.  Others are also sensitive to the fragrant chemicals used to hide the odour that comes along with periods, although these ingredients seem functional and they get the job done, these chemicals and other toxic ingredients can, in the long run, cause serious health issues like various types of cancer, infertility, hormone disruptions, and Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

Switching to reusable period products will help to reduce your chances of getting cramps, rashes, infections and other long term health issues.

Change in Your Period

As stated above, many women claim that use of reusable menstrual products leads to a decrease in the pain felt with menstrual cramps. Others register a change in the severity or heaviness of their periods and also a change in the duration their periods take.   

Although there are a lot of women claiming these benefits, there is not enough science-based evidence to prove their claims.  However, don’t you think it is worth a try if you can have a shorter, lighter and less painful period that is also better for your overall health.

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