Bamboo Charcoal Sanitary Pads 3 PACK

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Order Contains

  • 3 x Anytime Charcoal Pads

What you get

  • Peice of mind and stain free sheets
  • More time between changing pads
  • Less irritation, chafing and sweat
  • A comfortable, healthy, sustainable cycle


Bamboo and charcoal, name a better duo! This 3 pack is perfect for when you need a little extra stock up.

Reusable pads made from soft fibres that are naturally antibacterial, absorbent and breathable to keep you feeling fresh while remaining leak-free. 



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8 reviews

Liesel Becerra

They have been absolutely amazing. I can't wear a cup because my cervix is too low and this is the perfect solution to my wanting to help the environment and feeling comfortable and safe. I love the materials and the feeling. Totally recommend them.



They can move slightly when your out and about, i use them at home and absolutely love them. Very comfy and i have no more rash or sweat i love them for that


Ive been using the pads for about 3 cycles now, really easy, really comfortable i just can't believe i haven't seen these before and tried them earlier

Emily K

I’m not going to rave about the pads because there are so many reviews about those already and they sell themselves. ❤️ BUT... Their CUSTOMER SERVICE is the BEST!!! ... ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ From automated emails because they are out of office, to workshops explaining their story, to discounts (I don’t think I’ve ever paid full price) to informative instructional videos, to follow up phone calls from online inquiries, to fast postage, to functional and easy to use website, to Freebies!!


The little bags for them are great for on the go. Lovely range of patterns and useful range of sizes. The folding design also makes them discrete.

Julia C

Talk about life changing! I've been on a mission to reduce waste and can't believe I didn't discover these before. Easier to keep clean than I expected - just need a little routine in place. Barely any smell which is a huge contrast to single use pads for me which I was super self conscious of. Disposables also used to make me red and sore after a long period - these are much kinder to the skin!

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