Bamboo Charcoal Sanitary Pads Value PACK

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Order Contains

  • 3 x Daytime (M) Pads
  • 2 x Overnight (L) Pads
  • 1 x FREE Mini Wet Bag 

What you get

  • Peice of mind and stain free sheets
  • More time between changing pads
  • Less irritation, chafing and sweat
  • A comfortable, healthy, sustainable cycle


Want to get started with reusable pads?

Our Value Pack is the perfect option for first time users and offers two sizes for comfort during the day, and piece of mind during the night.

Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, absorbent and breathable. We've perfected our charcoal blend to keep you feeling fresh, dry and leak-free. 



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10 reviews


I love these! I am so grateful I made the switch. My cramps have diminished and my period is a day shorter now, too. Talk about fantastic unintended side effects! They're also cute, and super absorbent. When I rinse mine out, I am always amazed at how much they hold.


Seriously love these!! Less chafing, doesn't feel like a diaper!! Can barely tell I'm wearing one, feels so soft! Took a pad or two to get used to the difference but overall - would never go back to disposable. Saves money each month and the washing them out isn't as gross as I was anticipating.…

Shannon E

I LOVE all the reusable period products I’ve tried. I have a lot of brands and these are up there with the best.

Kirsty O

These are amazing! 5 lasts me a cycle and my oldest girl was out for dinner one night! Her cycle started. I gave her one and now have to order more for the other 2 girls! I love them!


Ive used Anytime pads for a year now, and iv'e not got a set for my daughter to start using. We love them and their cute patterns


I have some of these and they are amazing, soft and absorbent and so far, no leaks

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