Natural Bamboo Sanitary Pads 5 PACK

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Cosmic Feather


Daytime (M)
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Order Contains

  • 5 x Anytime Bamboo Pads
  • 1 x FREE Mini Wet Bag 

What you get

  • Peice of mind and stain free sheets
  • More time between changing pads
  • Less irritation, chafing and sweat
  • A comfortable, healthy, sustainable cycle


One for each day of the week. Comfortable and super soft bamboo fibre pads.

Made from all-natural bamboo fibres that are antibacterial, absorbent and breathable to keep you feeling fresh while remaining leak-free. 

Start your reusable pad journey with a 5 pack of our best seller



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11 reviews

Christ Olivia

I love them since I ordered them Love the quality and how it is super soft too! In the beginning I was skeptical about the capacity to absorb but I’m telling you I haven’t been deceived!!!!

Kim Sheppard

I love these, NEVER going back!

Jamie K

What a lovely product. I ordered the small 5 pack of pads. There well made and super soft. I only have light periods since having my kids, but they absorb well, don’t move around and don’t get that horrible stink that disposable ones do. I also purchased a little bag to put it all in. Absolutely fantastic and will order some more when I get a chance.


Love this product so much! Not only am I helping the environment but I’m wearing something that works so well and is super comfy and I don’t have to stress about running out of pads too! Worth every cent!


Absolutely amazing quality products and service! I love that I can now get a second button on the larger size pads. Please make the change to Anytime pads to help our environment. You won’t regret it

Tiph K

Absolutely in love with my pads! They are beautiful, soft to touch and they make me feel all girly! Such a great personalised idea to make that time of the month feel just that little bit better

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