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Bamboo Charcoal Sanitary Pad 5 PACK

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Panty Liner (S)
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Order Contains

  • 5 x Anytime Charcoal Pads
  • 1 x FREE Mini Wet Bag 

What you get

  • Piece of mind and stain free sheets
  • More time between changing pads
  • Less irritation, chafing and sweat
  • A comfortable, healthy, sustainable cycle


Need to stock up your most used size? 

One for each day of the week in our best selling bamboo charcoal fibres!

Reusable pads made from bamboo charcoal fibres that are naturally antibacterial, absorbent and breathable to keep you feeling fresh while remaining leak-free. 



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21 reviews

Elizabeth H

Ok WOW, was my initial reaction after my first use. Soft and comfortable yes, no leaks or irritation after the full week of use so thats great. My biggest fear was the smell and seriously, nothing. It feels cool and dry, not hot and wet. Beyond happy and would highly recommend!

Marie Poulin

I have to say I am impressed with these products. I thought it was a little expensive at first but the quality is great so that makes up for it. The fabric is super cute and I am pretty sure the snap ( to attach it) will last. The bamboo fabric is super soft and I was amazed at how well it washes off! I have put them in the washing machine and dryer 2 times for now and they feel as good as new. I ordered the small I think, since I don't bleed that much, but the pads are still thick so thats good. Although, I wouldn't only put this for daytime. I used it overnight and there was no real leaks, but it did get through a little (but it's the liner size so I guess that's the reason). The pouch that comes with the package is super useful. Overall, very happy with it, I recommend!

Monica Wilson

These pads are wonderful! I love the XL ones the most because I have a heavier than normal flow, and these pads absorb so much more than disposables. Thank you!

krystle M

I like the fact that it conforms to your body you can't see your wearing a pad through tight pants. It also absorbs blood. Great for the environment and the designs and cute

Caroline Drury

So the verdict is in- I usually wear a pad with a tampon to bed on my heaviest nights, but last night I forgot a tampon! And this morning not only was I fine, no leaks or mess to clean up, but I didn’t even feel that full-pad mushy grossness. These things are clean, comfy, no painful adhesives, takes two minutes to clean with a little hand soap, and I am officially in love. Only downside was the shipping took forever, but that’s Covid’s fault. Never going to use a disposable pad again.


Maria Rodrigues

First of all, I have bought reusable bamboo sanitary pads made in the U.K., and they’re good, but they’re not these, because these are simply amazing!! High absorbency, reliable, scent free, what more can I say! You’re not only being a grassroots activist, by making a difference and helping the environment, but you’re also looking after your vagina and it’s flora! Amazing, amazing, amazing.

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